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About Trio Fest Wine, Jerk & Curry Festival

The Trio Fest Wine, Jerk & Curry Festival is a one of a kind event aimed at creating moments of fun, interaction, and culinary adventure for individuals as well as the whole family. Come and enjoy an unbeatable, exciting experience as Simple Touch Productions brings an that could make foodies, wine & music enthusiasts wish for more hours in the day.

Get ready to tantalize your taste buds with local and regional foods; experience some wine tasting and jazz up your day with lovely music from some of the regions top Djs. While the event seeks to delight individuals and bring an elevated dining experience to foodies, our goal is to curate a moment that will linger for a lifetime.

At the Trio Fest Wine, Jerk & Curry Festival, several exciting features will unfold to make every moment memorable and special. Get ready to raise a glass of wine, and explore a vending village that will highlight local and regional culinary experts who will serve your favorite cuisines. Local artisans will also grace the venue to offer captivating art & craft item, Multiple vendors will also bring you elegant clothing, personal care items, and more.

Why Participate In The Festival?

At Trio Fest Wine, Jerk and Curry Festival you can:

• Discover a unique variety of wines

• Sample delights from a list of fresh culinary experts

• Rock to the beat as you enjoy music from top Djs & live performances from local and international bands! 

• Connect and hang out with new friends in the community who share your passion for food, wine and music


Who Can Participate ?

The Trio Fest Wine, Jerk & Curry Festival is open for all ages and individuals looking for fun-filled moments with local and regional food, wine, and music within the community of Frederick, Maryland.


Event Date

Saturday, July 16 from 12 pm -9 pm

Don’t miss out!

Get your ticket now!



No Pets, Alchohol, Food, Drink or coolers allowed.

Snacks, bottled water, standard Pop up Tents, umbrellas & lawn chairs are welcome.


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